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            To institutionalize and ensure quality culture in the institution
            To enhance the academic and administrative performance of the institution by developing a conscious and consistent quality system
            To promote measures to internalize quality and institutionalize best practices

  • Ensuring efficient and progressive performance of academic and administrative tasks
  • Sustaining relevant and quality academic and research programmes
  • Providing equitable and affordable access to academic programmes for various sections of the society
  • Optimizing and integrating modern methods of teaching and learning
  • Strengthening the credibility of assessment and evaluation process
  • Ensuring the adequacy, maintenance and proper allocation of support structure and services


  • Facilitates the creation of learner-centric environment conducive to quality education
  • To equip faculty to adopt technology for participatory teaching and learning process
  • Collection and analysis of feedback from all stakeholders on quality-related institutional processes
  • Organization of inter and intra institutional workshops, seminars on quality related themes and promotion of quality circles
  • Documentation of the various programmes and activities leading to quality improvement
  • Periodical conduct of Academic and Administrative Audit and its follow-up
  • Preparation and submission of the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) ad per guidelines and parameters of NAAC


  • Enhances quality consciousness and continuous improvement
  • Integrates various activities of the institution
  • Encourages and institutionalizes healthy practices


  • Preparation of AQAR
  • Conducting Internal Academic & Administrative Audit
  • Conducting  External Academic & Administrative Audit
  • Publishing newsletters
  • Collecting Feedback from faculty, employer, stakeholders, alumnae
  • Organising Alumnae meet
  • Conducting Parent-teacher meet
  • Orienting towards Research, Publications and Collaborations
  • Organizing Faculty Enrichment Programmes
  • Appearing for NIRF
  • Uploading DCS of AISCHE
  • Involving actively in Swatchh Bharath activities including Swachtha ranking
  • Enrolling the faculty and students in NDL
  • Initiating the development of e-resources

Composition of IQAC

  • Dr. R. Padmavathy, Principal
  • Dr. M. Vasuki, Vice Principal & in-charge of Self-financed Section

Steering Committee Members

  • Dr. R. Vijayalakshmi, Associate Professor of Commerce
  • Dr. S. Kala, Associate Professor of Botany
  • Dr. J. Senthamarai, Associate Professor of Hindi
  • Dr. S. Usha, Associate Professor of Sanskrit
  • Dr. M.V. Alli, Associate Professor of Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Dr. A.S. Maheswari, Assistant Professor / Senr., Department  of Zoology
  • Ms. S. Krithika, Assistant Professor / Senr ., Department of Mathematics
  • Dr. S. Geetha, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics
  • Ms. V. Anuradha, Lecturer, Department of Electronics

Management Member

  • Dr. Usha Chandrasekharan, Academic Advisor

Nominees from students

  • Chair Person, Students’  Union & Office bearers

Nominee from Alumni

  • Ms. Alli Rani Balaji, (Physics) President, Yuga Womens’ Organisation

Nominee from Employer

  • Dr. P. Kannan, Director-Academics

Nominees from Stakeholders

  • Parents

Senior teacher as the Director

  • Dr. K. Renukadevi, Associate Professor & Head, Department of English

Working Committee Members


  • Ms. J.Suguna Bai , Department of Biochemistry
  • Dr.M. Hemalatha ,Department of Botany
  • Ms. I.Rama, Department  of  Chemistry
  • Dr.P. Sugunalakshmi, Department of Commerce
  • Ms. A.Mullai ,Department of Computer Science
  • Ms. M.Dhaneswari Alamelu, Department of Economics
  • Ms.V.Parvathi Meena, Department of English
  • Dr. M. Nageswari, Department of History
  • Ms.C.Anitha, Department of Home Science
  • Dr. T. Indira, Department of Mathematics
  • Dr. C. Lalaithambal, Department of Music
  • Ms. N.Chellam,Department of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Dr. K.Seethalakshmi, Department of Physics
  • Dr. K. Umarani, Department of Tamil
  • Dr. R.Prabhavathi, Department of Zoology


  • Dr. S. Kiruthiga, Department of Applied Commerce
  • Ms. P. Kalaimathi, Department of Biochemistry
  • Ms. A. Padmavathi, Department of Biotechnology
  • Dr. R. Mangaiyarkarasi, Department of Business Administration
  • Ms. S. Gayathri Devi, Department of Commerce
  • Ms. R. Vijayalakshmi, Department of Computer Science
  • Ms. V. Gajalakshmi, Department of English
  • Ms. T. Mahalakshmi, Department of Electronics
  • Ms. S. Revathi, Department of Hospital Administration
  • Dr. R. Kokila, Department of Mathematics
  • Ms. K. Karumbayee, Department of Tamil


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