eLearning Modules

Sl.No Major Faculty Topic
1 Computer Science Ms. R. Vijayalakshmi PHP Functions
2 Computer Science Dr. R. Jamuna Concepts of Java Programming
3 Nutrition and Dietetics Ms. N. Chellam Indian Spice Exotica
4 Music Dr. S. Mythili New Methods of Practicing Alankara
5 Commerce Dr. R. Vijayalakshmi Liquadation of Companies
6 Music Dr. C. Lalithambal Easy Method for Practicing Kanakangi & Chalanata
7 History Dr. M. Nageswari  Human Rights: Texts and Contexts
8 Chemistry Dr. T. Vimala Electrocyclic Reactions
9 Economics Ms. M. Radhika Evolution of Money
10 Hospital Administration Ms. B. Mahalakshmi  Hospital As A Matrix Organisation
11 Commerce Dr. S. K. Sukhuna A Study on The Commercial Banks of India
12 Maths Ms. N. Meenakumari  New Type of Closed Set in Topological Spaces
13 English Ms. R. Aparna Magic Realism in Ben Okri's - The Famished Road
14 Tamil Dr. K. Umarani இத்தாலி நாட்டு வித்தகத் தமிழர் வீரமாமுனிவரின் தமிழ்ப்பணி
15 Maths Dr. S. Geetha  Closed Sets in Topological Spaces
16 Home Science Ms. C. Anitha Obesity: Predisposing Factor for Degenerative Diseases
17 English Ms. M. Priya Reported Speech
18 Physics Ms. S. Rizwana Begum Quantum Dots
19 Botany Dr. S. Kala Green House Gases and Global Warming
20 Sanskrit Dr. S. Usha Linguistic Implications in Panini's Defination of Padam
21 Nutrition and Dietetics Dr. M. V. Alli Role of Nutraceuticals
22 Zoology Dr. A. S. Maheswari Silk Formation
23 Hindi Dr. J. Senthamarai Kaarak (CASE)
24 Chemistry Dr. I. Rama Blood - An Overview
25 Hospital Administration Ms. B. Mahalakshmi Prevention and Intervention of Diseases
26 English Dr. K. Anitha Revisiting Shelly’s ODE to the Westwind as a Clarion Call to the Social Enigma
27 Business Administration Dr. R. Mangaiyarkarasi Investment Avenues – Post Office Schemes
28 Commerce Dr. R. Sheela Financial Market
29 History Dr. T. Sumitha Bi-Polar Politics
30 English Ms. V. Parvathi Meena Archetypes in Literature
31 Tamil Dr. A. Dhanalakshmi "உண்டாலம்ம இவ்வுலகம்" பாடலில் பொதிந்துள்ளார் மரபியல் மாண்புகள்
32 Physics Dr. A. G. Anitha Basics of Quantum computing
33 Music Dr.C.Lalithambal Music Miracles
34 Commerce Dr. P. Sugunalakshmi Mobile Banking
35 Biotechnology Dr. P. Nithya Agro Bacterium Mediated Gene Transfer
36 English Ms. V. Gajalakshmi News Paper Headlines
37 Botany Dr. M. Hemalatha Role of Microbes in Soil
38 Computer Science Dr. K. S. Rathanamala Python Programming
39 Tamil Dr. M. Rajakumari Psychological Elements in Folklore Games
40 Chemistry Dr. T. Vimala Interpretation of Electro Cyclic Reactions by Correlation Diagram
41 Botany Dr.S.Kala Components of Garden
42 Hindi Dr. J. Senthamarai Tense
43 Sanskrit Dr.S.Usha Grammatical Gender in Samskritam
44 N&D Dr. M. V. Alli Nutritional Management for Autism
45 Zoology Dr. A. S. Maheswari Respiration
46 English Dr. R. Vidhya Opinion Pieces in Journalism
47 Zoology Dr. J. Viji Transgenic Animals and Its Importance
48 Commerce Dr. G. Yashodha Basics of Tally
49 Home Science Ms. C. Anitha Introduction to Home Science
50 Mathematics Dr. D. Rajalakshmi Magic of Mathematics
51 Chemistry Dr. I. Rama Surface Phenomena
52 History Dr. M. Nageswari Human Rights Education
53 N&D Dr. S. Ithayamalar Free Radicals and Antioxidants
54 Mathematics Dr. S. Krithika Continual Fraction - An Introduction
55 Commerce Applied Ms. T. Thilagavathi Consignment Account
56 Economics Ms. M. Dhaneswari Alamelu Modern Theory or Heckscher-Ohlin Theory of International Trade
57 Computer Science Ms.R. Vijayalakshmi Introduction to Data Science
58 B.Voc-Food Processing Ms. G. Sowmiya Basics of Cakes
59 Mathematics Dr. V. Vijaya Queueing Network
60 Electronics Ms. V. Anuradha Latest Trends in Electronics
61 Chemistry Dr. V. Gomathi Metallurgy
62 Zoology Dr.P.Anitha Flight adaptations in Birds
63 Hospital Administration Ms. B.Anupriya Investigation of an Epidemic
64 Economics Dr.J.Indirani Keynesian Theory of Employment
65 Biotechnology Dr.J Gowri Gene Therapy
66 History Ms. A.E.Jehan Keisar Paleolithic Era in India
67 Physics Dr.P.K. Manimozhi Radon- An Alarm
68 Chemistry Dr.S.Santhi Construction of Character Table for C3v point group
69 Zoology Dr.A.S.Maheswari Neurons- Structure & Types
70 Physical Directress Dr.T.Suthamathi Fitness for all
71 Mathematics (SF) Dr.A.Sumathi Applications of Number Theory
72 Computer Science (SF) Mrs.S.Kanagambigai Exception Handling
73 Zoology Dr.R.Prabhavathy Noise pollution
74 Botany Dr.S.Kala Inflorescence
75 Tamil Dr.D.Pushpavalli புறநானூற்றில் கல்வியின் மேன்மை
76 Mathematics Dr.T.Indira Basic Concepts of Topology
77 Tamil (SF) Dr. K. Pushpavathi பாயிரம்
78 BBA Ms. S. Saranya Forms of Business Organisation
79 Physics Dr.K. Seethalakshmi Black Hole
80 Computer Science Dr.S. Lakahsmi Prabha Data Mining
81 Computer Science Ms.S.Devi Big Data
82 Electronics Ms. T.Mahalakshmi 1G-5G Evolution of Mobile Wireless Technology
83 English Ms.S. Satheeswari Articles
84 Economics Ms. R.Sridevi Karumari The Circular flow of Income
85 English Ms.R.Vanmathi Intertextuality in Nadine Gordimer’s – The Conservationist
86 History Dr.K. Mamimegalai South Indian Rebellion -1800-1801 C.E.
87 English Dr.M. Venkateswari Feminist Criticism
88 Applied Commerce Dr.S. Kiruthiga Capital Structure
89 Music Dr.S. Lalithambal Tranquil Melodies
90 Physics Ms. A.Bhuvaneswari Nuclear Fusion Energy
91 English Ms.T. Nivetha Diasporic Litrature
92 Computer Science Ms. J. Jayanthi Data Transfer Group Instructions
93 English Ms. M. Udayabanu Degrees of Comparison
94 Business Administration Ms. R. Priya Leadership
95 Commerce Dr. R. Vijayalakshmi Human Resource Management
96 Zoology Dr. M. Isai Cancer Genetics
97 Botany Dr. C. Thilagavathy Plant Movements
98 Sociology Dr.S. Vijayarani Socialisation
99 Computer Science (SF) Ms. S. Meenakshi 2D-Transformation
100 Computer Science Ms. U.Padmini Computer Networks
101 Hospital Administration Ms. N. Monisha Patient History Taking By Computers
102 Nutrition and Dietetics Ms. N. Chellam Gut Wellness
103 Tamil Dr. J. Jayapriya வல்லினம் மிகும் இடம
104 English Ms. G. Premalatha Main Verbs and Helping Verbs of English Grammar
105 Chemistry Dr. A. Subashini Supramolecular Chemistry
106 Music Ms. V.Shanmugapriya Abhangas
107 English Ms. A.K. Remi Banu An introduction to Literary Criticism and Theories
108 English Ms. R. Ragini Ecocriticism
109 Nutrition and Dietetics Dr. L. Jayaprada Role of Vitamin E
110 Nutrition and Dietetics Dr. M.V. Alli COVID -19 Nutritional Care Part –I
111 Nutrition and Dietetics Dr. M.V. Alli COVID -19 Nutritional Care Part –II
112 Chemistry Dr. R. Shanthi Conductometric Titrations
113 English Ms. K. Akila Subject Verb Agreement
114 Chemistry Dr. S. Amala Defects in Crystals
115 Biotechnology Ms. G. Subhashini Biological Databases : Types & Applications
116 Botany Dr. S. Kala Pollination-Part-I
117 Botany Dr. S. Kala Pollination- Part-II- Special Mechanisms
118 Tamil Dr. M. Usha சங்க இலக்கியத்தில் புள்
119 English Dr. K. Anuradha Classification of English Consonant Sounds
120 Tamil Dr.K. Kamatchi புணர்ச்சி இலக்கணம்
121 Tamil Dr. M. Manimegalai சங்க இலக்கியத்தில் பெண்ணினது வீரம்
122 Tamil Dr. K. Karumbayee தொல்காப்பியத்தில் உயிரின பாகுபாடு
123 English Ms.S. Muthubharathi Archetypes in Literature
124 Computer Science Ms. K. Mahalakshmi Function of “C”
125 Mathematics Dr.P. Balasundari Basic Concepts on Real Analysis
126 English Ms. T. Sindhu A Quick Glance of Literary Terms
127 Hospital Adminisration Ms. K. Kanimozhi Chemotherapy
128 Computer Science Ms.P. Saranya .NET Framework
129 Home Science Ms. A. Lavanya Classifications of Natural Fibers
130 Mathematics Dr. V. Sulochana Graph Labeling Using Number Theory
131 Mathematics Dr.S. Geetha Mathematical Modeling
132 Physics Ms. T. Malini Magnetic Levitation
133 Physics Ms. R. Geetha Flip Flop –Fundamentals
134 Commerce Ms. K. Sujatha Working Capital Management
135 Commerce Ms. C. Meena Marketing
136 English Ms. M. Ramya In sight into streams of Consciousness as Narrative technique
137 Chemistry Ms. S. Ahalya The Crystalline State
138 Chemistry Ms. G. Saraswathi Soaps and Detergents
139 Computer Science Ms. A. M. Aarthi Web Scarping
140 Computer Science Ms. A. Mullai Design and Analysis of Algorithms
141 Chemistry Dr. R. Babykala Dyes
142 Chemistry Dr. R. Malarvizhi Clinical Trial
143 English Ms. J. Ragasudha Age of Dryden-An Overview
144 Chemistry Dr. M. Tamilselvi Acids and Bases
145 Computer Science Dr. R. Jamuna Multithreading in JAVA
146 Mathematics Ms. L. Malarvizhi Catenary
147 Mathematics Dr. R. Pitchilakshmi Groups and its Applications
148 Mathematics Ms. G. Thiripurasundari Basic Concepts on Limit Point
149 Zoology Dr. S. Maheswari Gynandromorphs
150 Physics Dr. K. Karthika Nano- The Science of Small
151 Physics Dr. K. Dhanalakshmi Elasticity
152 Department of Zoology Dr. M.Isai Honey Bee and its species
153 Department of Zoology Dr. M.Isai Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
154 Department of Tamil Dr T. Manimegalai சேரனின் நீர்வள மாட்சி
155 Department of Tamil Dr G. Sudha தமிழரின் நானில வைப்புமுறை
156 Department of Tamil Dr. V. Pazhanya Thirugna Sampandar's Trichirappalli Padigham
157 English Dr. T. Manjula Tennyson -An Introduction
158 Mathematics Dr. G. Shyamala Compound Randon Processes
159 Mathematics Dr. T. Tamil Selvi Mother of all Sciences-Mathematics
160 Mathematics Dr. N. Revathi Game Theory
161 Mathematics Dr. R. Kokila Transprotatuin Problem
162 Mathematics Dr. V. Anusuya Basic Concept on Picture Fuzzy Graph
163 Zoology Dr. A.S.Maheswari Crossing Over
164 Botany Dr.P.Nithya Rh Factor
165 Chemistry Dr. S. Amala Hybridisation
166 Chemistry Ms.G.Jayapriya Polymers Classification
167 Chemistry Dr. S. Saranya Introduction to Organometallic Chemistry
168 Commerce Dr. R.Mangaiyarkarasi Real Estate Investment Trusts
169 Economics Ms.S Boomadevi Rostow’s Stages of Economic Growth
170 Chemistry Dr.S.Santhi Electron Paramagnetics Resonance Spectrosocy
171 English Dr.R. Rajalakshmi Early 20th Century English Literature
172 English U. Aishwarya The Age of Johnson- An Overview
173 English Dr. K. Prabha Poets of World War – I
174 History Ms.V. Nithya Construction of Ancient India
175 History Dr. V. Saranya Buddish
176 Library Dr.S. Subha How to Enroll Swayam: MOOC Courses
177 Mathematics Dr. G. Janani Jayalakshmi Mathematic Behind Image Processing
178 Nutrition & Dietetics Ms. Devisri Sundaram Role of Microorganism in Fermented Foods
179 Physics Dr. B. Srimathy Crystal Defects
180 Physics Dr. S. Karthiga Dynamics of Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Mechanics
181 Physics Ms.S. Kanchana BCS Theory of Superconductors
182 Chemistry Dr.S. Santhi Neutron Diffraction
183 Botany Dr.P. Kamaladevi Multiple Alleles- ABO Blood Groups
184 Physics Dr. S. Shanmuga Sundari Modulus Counters
185 Tamil Dr M. Usha தமிழரும் உணவும்
186 Tamil Ms.S.I. Arivuthenral மகிசாசுரமா்த்தினி சிற்பநுட்பம்
187 Tamil Dr.K. Karumbayee வள்ளுவத்தில் அறிவியல்
188 Tamil Dr. A. Ranjani சங்க இலக்கியத்தில் நெல்வகைகள்
189 Tamil Dr. G. Sudha நாலடியாா் கூறும் அறக்கருத்துகள்
190 Tamil Dr R.Saraswathy யாப்பருங்கலக்காாிகையில் தற்சிறப்பாயிரம்
191 Electronics Ms. S.Sakthidevi Emerging Technologies in Electronics
192 Zoology Dr.J. Viji Blood Grouping
193 Zoology Dr. M. Isai Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine
194 Zoology Dr. P. Anitha Physiology of Silk Gland
195 Computer Science Dr. S. Lahshmi Prabha Artificial Intelligence
196 Computer Science Ms. K. Mahalakshmi Basics of Networks
197 Computer Science Ms. K. Mahalakshmi Ethernet
198 Computer Science Ms. P.Kiruthika Rahini Applications of Computer Graphics
199 History Dr. S. Vijayarani National Commission for Women
200 History Dr. S. Vijayarani Women Movements
201 Hospital Administration Ms. B. Anu Priya Diseases of Ear
202 Hospital Administration Ms. B. Anu Priya Metabolic Disorders
203 Hospital Administration Ms. K. Kanimozhi Diseases of Nervous System
204 Hospital Administration Ms. K. Kanimozhi Diseases of Stroke
205 Nutrition & Dietetics Dr. M.V. Alli Nutritional Management for ADHHD
206 Chemistry Dr.T. Vimala Aromaticity
207 Chemistry Dr.V. Gomathi CFT-Octahedral Complex
208 Chemistry Dr.V. Gomathi Portland Cement
209 Chemistry Dr.I. Rama Quantum Numbers
210 Chemistry Dr.M. Tamilselvi Ionic and Covalent Bonds
211 Chemistry Dr.M. Tamilselvi Gases
212 Chemistry Dr.M. Tamilselvi Energy and Matter
213 Economics Ms. B. Vaishnavi Classical Vs Keynes’ Interpretation of Saving & Investment
214 Physics Dr. K.Maniammal Birth of Nuclear Bomb
215 Physics Dr. K.Maniammal Non-Conventional Energy Resource
216 History Ms.Nithya Pre Historic Archaeology in TamilNadu
217 History Dr.V.Saranya Early Vedic Period
218 Economics Ms.S.Booma Devi Harrod Domar Growth Model
219 Economics Ms.P.Sailaja Ability to pay Theory of Taxation
220 English Dr.R.E.Rajalakshmi Strategies for Effective Business Presentation
221 English Dr.U.Aishwarya The Age of Romanticism in English Literature
222 Physics Dr.S.Kanchana Experimental Investigation of Raman Spectroscopy
223 Physics Dr.S.Karithiga Basic Math Tools That Every Physics Students Need to Know
224 Physics Dr.S.Shanmuga Sundari Einstein’s A&B
225 Physics Dr.B.Srimathy Ultrasonic Coefficient
226 Tamil Dr. G. Sudha திருப்பாவை
227 Tamil Dr. M. Usha தமிழ் இலக்கியங்களில் அறிவியல் செய்திகள்
228 Tamil Dr. Karumbayee கோளறு பதிகம்
229 Tamil Ms. S.I. Arivuththenral சங்க இலக்கியமும் கிருஷ்ண மண்டபமும்
230 Tamil Dr. R. Sarasvathi தமிழ் இலக்கிய வரலாறு
231 Tamil Dr. A. Ranjani இலக்கியங்களில் மூலிகை தாவரங்கள் - மருத்துவப் பயன்பாடுகள்
232 Botany Dr. M.Hemalatha Biogas
233 Botany Dr.P.Nithiya Terrace garden
234 Physical Education Dr.T.Suthamathi The Fosbury Flop in the High Jump
235 Commerce Ms.D.Birundha Planning
236 Physics Dr.K.Seethalakshmi Amplifier
237 Physics Dr.K.Seethalakshmi Semiconductor and Diodes
238 Chemistry Dr. S. Santhi Jablonski Diagram
239 Chemistry Dr.G. Jayapriya Classification of Drugs Based on Biological Activity
240 Economics Dr.J.Indirani Balanced Growth Theroy
241 Economics Dr.J.Indirani Leadership Styles
242 Economics Ms.R. Sridevi Karnmari Marginal Productivity Theory of Distribution
243 Botany Dr. S. Kala Insectivorous plants – Part-1
244 Botany Dr. S. Kala Insectivorous plants – Part-2
245 Botany Dr. S. Kala Insectivorous plants – Part-3
246 Botany Dr. S. Kala Insectivorous plants – Part-4
247 Botany Dr. S. Kala Insectivorous plants – Part-5
248 English Dr. V. Parvathi Meena Kongi’s Harvest
249 English Dr. K. Anitha Phrases and Clauses
250 English Dr. R. Aparna Absurd Drama
251 English Dr. M. Venkateshwari Disability studies: A Triblazing approach in Literature
252 English Dr. K. Anurdha Introduction to Linguistics
253 English Ms. A.K. RemiBanu Disabilities studies in Literature: An overview
254 English Dr. K. Prapha Australia – A.D.Hope
255 Computer Science Dr. Lakshmi Prabha Genetic Algorithm
256 Economics Ms. P. Sailaja Ability to PayTherory Of Taxation
257 Tamil Dr. Pushpavathi தொல்காப்பியத்தில் அறிவியல் துளிகள்
258 Economics Ms.M.Dhaneswari Alamelu Tariff, Classification and Effects
259 Economics Ms. M. Radhika Retailer and Types of Retailer
260 Economics Dr. P. Sundari Market and its classification