Student Advisors During COVID-19 Lockdown

S.No. Faculty Department& Phone No. Advisory Area
1 Dr.S.Kala Dean - Quality & Research
2 Dr.T.Suthamathi Physical Director
Physical &Mental
3 Lt. A.Shakila NCC
Physical &Mental
4 Lt. .Dr.Ithayamalar NCC
Physical &Mental
5 Ms.R.Sakthi Nutrition & Dietetics
6 Ms.N.Chellam Nutrition & Dietetics
7 Ms.C.Anitha Home Science
8 Ms.B.Mahalakshmi Hospital Administration
Healthy and Preventive Practices
9 Ms.B.Anupriya Hospital Administration
Healthy and Preventive Practices
10 Dr.T.Sumitha History
11 Dr.P.K.Manimozhi Physics
12 Dr.R.Sathyabama Librarian
Academic Resources

Covid 19 Students Activities :

  • Students were connected through google class rooms, mails , WhatsApp groups & Skype.
  • Assignments and tests were given through mails, google forms ,Quizzes, Testmoz & Edmodo & materials, videos , PPTs and notes were also shared.
  • Zoom & google meets were also used.
  • Apart from academics, psychological and nutrition counsellings and yoga sessions were also given to address holistic health care issues of students.



  • Sanitizer,mask and soap solution were distributed to the people in the adopted villages Manakkal, Adhikudi, Mettupatti, Sirumayangudiand Agalanganallur to curb the spread of covid 19.
  • The faculty and student volunteers jointly educated and enlightened the villagers on the preventive measuresto be followed to curb the menace of covid 19 pandemic. The villagers were also given awareness on Menstrual hygiene.Hands on training on home scale preparation of phenyl and surf,using digital gadgetslike thermometers and oximeterswas also given.
  • Our institution bagged 5 awards for the outreach activities in the adopted villages Manakkal, Adhikudi, Mettupatti, Sirumayangudiand Agalanganallur for their philanthropic activity.
  • Our institution donated 200 Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) to the Dean, Mahatma Gandhi Centenary Government Hospital, Tiruchirappalli.
  • The Management donated N-95 masks to Airport Security Unit, Trichy
  • The Management distributed groceries to the families of dancing crew composed of physically disabled persons.


  • Our college in collaboration with Manitham Trustand Foundation distributed groceries and vegetables to the families of 100 daily wagers.
  • Our college collaborated with Empower Trust, distributed groceries and vegetables to the families of 50 daily wagers inkattur, Military colony and Ariyanagalam, Trichy.
  • Our college collaborated with People’s development initiatives and distributed groceries and vegetables to 120 poverty stricken families.
  • Our college in collaboration with Arogya Aurat Charitable Trust, Srirangam provided food packages to 400 Destitutes and also distributed grocery and vegetables to the families of 10 special children.
  • In collaboration with Poornodhaya Trust, kolakudi, Trichy provision kits worth Rs. 750 were distributed to 30 families having children with special need.

Virtual Webinars for COVID- 19

  • Covid -19 pandemic and immunity- Nutraceutical in Immune Health
  • Covid- 19 pandemic and immunity- Basic of Immunology and Immune system
  • Covid- 19 pandemic and immunity- Plants for strong Immune system
  • Yoga for rejuvenation during lockdown
  • Building Resilience
  • Yoga for immunity
  • Food supplement for Covid - 19
  • Covid -19 pandemic psychological preparation for students
  • Comorbidities and Covid -19 outcome: Current evidence
  • Nutrition concern of children and adolescents during Covid -19 pandemic
  • Post Covid health immunological perspective
  • Diagnostic test for Covid-19
  • Devi kavacham chanting for covid 19 free world
  • Covid- 19 Global health perspective
  • Importance of nutrition to improve immunity
  • How to improve immunity and lung capacity in natural way?
  • Healthy mind and healthy body
  • Pandemic- survival of the fittest
  • Face the present
  • Traditional and functional foods to boost immune health
  • Transmission of pathogenesis and immunology of SARS-COV-2 infection
  • Role of Dietitian in current scenario
  • Say strong with sustainable nutrition
  • Face mask – Need of the hour
  • Probiotics as functional food
  • Prebiotics : Mechanisms and health benefits
  • Healthy food choices-Glycemic index
  • Glycemic properties of cereals &millets: Approaches to develop healthy food choice

Online quizzes on Covid-19 awareness

  • Health & fitness
  • Mental wellness
  • Covid-19 awareness
  • Yoga & meditation
  • Covid -19 pandemic awareness
  • Covid -19 bio-molecular techniques
  • Nutri quiz – 2020
  • Covid-19 safety measures
  • Mental illness
  • General Physiology

Covid Awareness Video

Video - 1