The SRC Alumnae Association, which is formally registered, functions effectively to strengthen the ties between the institution and its alumnae. The alumnae association facilitates close interaction between the institution and the alumnae. The alumnae association was formed with the objective of sharing knowledge, experience and opportunities among the alumnae, the faculty and the students. Every academic year renowned alumnae are invited as resource persons to share their expertise in the seminars, conferences and workshops.

The annual alumnae association meeting functions as the confluence of scores of alumnae to meet their friends, peers and teachers and to share their memorable experiences. Their rendezvous with their alma mater rejuvenates them and the recollection of these rejoicing moments spent in the get together keeps them energised till their next meet.

The SRC alumnae committee functions effectively to strengthen the ties between the institution and its alumnae. It brings the SRCians under one roof and helps them stay connected with their alma mater. This forum helps them to rejuvenate themselves and also enables them to work in various capacities for the development of the student community and also to promote a spirit of unity among the alumnae of SRC. It plays an important role in shaping the future of the current students and in creating stronger bond with the institution. It also helps the institution to achieve its goal and strengthen the ties between the alumnae community and the institution, aiming at bringing together like-minded SRCians.

Every year meetings are conducted and the visit of our alumnae is a great source of inspiration and support to the college. During these meetings many of the alumnae share their memories with their faculty members and friends. They enjoy the day and recollect their memories by visiting their classrooms. They share their experiences they faced after leaving the institution and discuss the secret of their success with the students.

Alumnae Contributions

  • The alumnae of our college are invited as resources persons, subject experts to address in conferences and seminars.
  • Feedback on curriculum is collected from alumnae and their suggestions are incorporated during syllabus revision
  • Alumnae’s representation is ensured in the meetings of Board of Studies.
  • The alumnae are invited as experts in orientation programmes, placement training, workshops and endowment lectures.
  • Our Alumnae serve as members of Doctoral Research Committee
  • They act as External Examiners for PG, M.Phil. & Ph.D. viva-voce examinations
  • They contribute towards students welfare by donating books, sponsoring students’ education and contributing for scholarship.
  • The alumnae from corporate and private sectors support in our students’ placement initiatives.
Few of our distinguished alumini are
  • Nirmala Sitharaman - Minister of Finance, Govt of India
  • Dr.Girija Vaidyanathan IAS - Former Chief Secretary to Govt. of Tamil Nadu
  • Smt. Subbulakshmi - Ex Minister ,Textile, Handloom & Small Scale Industries Tamil Nadu
  • Dr.S.Vimala – Supreme Court Judge
  • Dr.K.Meena – Former Vice Chanceller, Bharathidasan University
  • Dr.B.S.Santhi & Dr.M.M.SenthamizhSelvi – Joint Director of collegiate Education
  • Dr.J.Manjula – Director of collegiate Education
  • Smt. A.Siva Priya – District Revenue Officer, Kanyakumari
  • Dr.S.Santhi – Principal, Queen Mary’s College
  • Smt. Swarna Natarajan – Life Style & Nutrition Consultant, Canada

Committee Members

  • Dr.N.Meenakumari, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics
  • Dr.K.Anitha, Assistant Professor, Department of English
  • Ms.G.Saraswathi, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
  • Ms.T.Mahalakshmi, Lecturer, Department of Electronics
  • Ms.S.Kamatchi, Department of Mathematics (SF)
  • Ms.U.Padmini,Lecturer, Department of Computer Science (SF)

Contact details

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Associate Professor,

Department of Mathematics

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