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Inception 1960
  • To impart a sound knowledge on faunal biology to meet the global challenges.
  • To provide an opportunity for the first generation learners to get a basic understanding of Animal Science and prepare them for either higher studies or self-employment.
  • To develop entrepreneurial skills in applied biological sciences.
  • To facilitate students to meet the expanding job opportunities.
  • To create on-campus clean, green awareness.
Course Offered



Resources & Infrastructure
  • Our department Laboratory is well equipped with latest instruments required for UG, and Ph.D., degree programmes with laboratories for Microbiology, Physiology and Allied Zoology with ICT provision.
  • The department is also having one Zoological museum and has unique and well established animal collections of common, rare, endangered and threatened species. It has more than 300 specimens, which are exclusively collected by our students. It also has the credit of having rare fossil specimens, skeleton of various animals and different stages of foetus.
  • Apart from college general library, the department houses a library of 1000 books catering to the needs of the students. Special efforts are made to add latest text books and scientific journals to the collection. Research scholars of the department have access to the internet facilities for academic purposes.

Special Equipments

  • High Speed Homogenizer
  • Inverted microscope
  • Microscope with imaging coloured monitor
  • Orbital Shaking incubator
  • CO2 Incubator
  • UV-Spectrophotometer
  • Cooling centrifuge
  • Laminar Air flow chamber
  • Autoclave
  • Hot Air oven
  • Incubator
  • Deep Freezer (-20o)
  • Distillation unit
  • Microtome
  • Soxhlet apparatus
  • Agarose Gel Electrophoresis unit
  • Digital Colorimeter
  • Microwave oven
  • Microscopes-Simple, Compound, Binocular
  • DBT STAR College Scheme
  • UGD & Autonomy Grant
  • UGC – Major - 3 nos
  • UGC – Minor - 5 nos
Add on features
  • Innovative Programmes: Training in Sericulture - Raising Mulberry garden & Silkworm rearing.
  • Hands on training on Vermicompost production.
  • Hands on Training on Paper Recycling.
  • Best Practices

    • Department of Zoology in collaboration with OISCA international inaugurated Save Green Club in the year 2016.
    • Field Training

      • sericulture-Manikandam, Pallakadu, Thiruvarur
      • Tamilnadu Sericulture Board, Trichy
      • Centre for Eco-friendly Agro-Technologies (CEAT) - on Management of Rodent Pests and Vermibiotechnology
      • Gandhigram Rural University-Bird watching.
      • TamilNadu Veterinary University-Animal rearing Department.
      • Agriculture Departments
      • Poultry farm
      • Piggery farm
      • Diary farm
      • Rabbit farm
      • Cattle farm
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International National International National
2012-17 28  - 23 24   2


Dr. A. S. Maheswari Assistant Prof./Senr. & Head
Dr. R. Prabhavathy Assistant Prof./Senr.
Dr. M. Isai Assistant Prof.
Dr. J. Viji Assistant Prof.
Dr. P. Anitha Lecturer