Computer Centre

Seethalakshmi Ramaswami College has earned a reputation of excellence across a range of computer-based disciplines. State-of-the-Art computing facilities are provided by the Srinivasa Computer Centre. This centre was established in the year 1985. It ensures that every student who enters this portal of higher learning is offered a computer course during the first year of her degree programme.
           The main goal of SCC is to provide efficient computing facilities in a good ambience. They epitomize the cutting edge technology available in our college. The servers which support the LAN also provide Linux environment workstations. Its comprehensive infrastructure includes 5 Servers, 255 Workstations, 10 Printers.
          The highly distributed computing environment at our college enables our students to solve problems for industry and academia. It has 2 qualified and experienced technicians and 7 Programmers. Internet facilities are provided throughout the campus through 10 Mbps leased lines.