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  • To promote the study of Sanskrit language and literature.
  • To encourage research in Sanskrit.
  • To develop all round personality of students through Sanskrit studies.
  • To emphasize the unifying role of Sanskrit in the context of National Integration.
  • To develop curriculum that brings out the richness of Sanskrit literature and its contribution to various fields of knowledge.
  • To give an exposure to the rich contributions of Sanskrit.
  • To impart ethics and human/social values by introducing the relevant literature.
  • To train students in conversational Sanskrit to develop their communicative skills.
Course Offered

Part -1 Language For B.A., B.Sc., & B.Com.

Special Equipments

  • Laptop with sound system
  • Spoken Sanskrit Centre UGC
  • Completed Minor Projects -2 + 1
Add on features
  • Staff-in-charge of 3 Centers-Spoken Sanskrit Centre, Centre for Ethics & Human values & Centre for Cultural activities.
  • Organizing FDP courses through Spoken Sanskrit Centre & Centre for Ethics and Human Values.
  • Creating an awareness of the contributions made in Sanskrit to various fields of knowledge by delivering lectures in various associations & organizing exhibitions.
  • Conducting games & drama competitions to develop language skills of the students.
  • Member in Board of Studies of colleges.
  • Doctoral committee member.
  • Faculty Awarded a title Srivaishnava-Siddhanta-Ranjani on 5.2.2009.
  • Students win over-all or Runner-up Shield in intercollegiate Sanskrit Competitions.
Extension Activities
  • Free Sanskrit classes to propagate the language.
  • Free summer classes.
  • Special lectures, discourses and classes on traditional and philosophical topics.
Year Paper Published Paper Presented Books Published
International National International National
2012-17 3 11 4 14 3


Dr. S. Usha Associate Prof.