Executive Director

Dr.M.JAYANTHI, Associate Professor and Head of the Research Department of Zoology, obtained her Doctoral degree in the field of Limnology, Freshwater Biology. She was the only person selected to participate from India out of the 12 across the globe to attend the International Training course in Limnology sponsored by UNESCO, in the Institute of Limnology, AUSTRIA. She got a post doctorate project in AUSTRIA sponsored by the Austrian government. She has presented her findings in the International Conferences held in IRELAND, CZECH REPUBLIC, CANADA, SOUTH AFRICA and HUNGARY.

She is the Principal Investigator of a UGC funded Major Research Project and Coordinator of Star College project funded by DBT, Ministry of Science and Technology, New Delhi. To her credit she has presented papers in many National Seminars and Conferences and has published her findings in International and National Journals.