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Inception 1983
  • Empowering Women in the domains of nutrition and health.
  • To impart knowledge through society outreach extension activities.
  • To impart practical skill through dietary internships in hospitals.
  • To inculcate social citizenship.
Course Offered
  • Nutrition & Dietetics - Para Medical Job Oriented Course with Papers titled.
    1. Food Science
    2. Macronutrients
    3. Micronutrients
    4. Food Preservation
    5. Nutrition Through Life Cycle
    6. Food Processing
    7. Functional Foods and Nutrigenomics
    8. Hospitality Industries and Management
    9. Dietetics
    10. Quantity Food Management
    11. Food Safety and Quality Control
    12. Community Nutrition
    13. Basic chemistry
    14. Human Physiology
    15. Food Microbiology
    16. General Bio Chemistry
  • NME
    1. Nutrition for women
    2. Functional foods
  • SBE
    1. Food Biotechnology and Bio-analytical Techniques
    2. Dietary Guidance and Counseling
    3. Palliative care
Resources & Infrastructure
  • Equipments – Nutrition Lab:
    • Tread Mill,Triple Beam balance, Stadiometer, BP apparatus, Binocular and Monocular Microscope, Electronic Colorimeter, Centrifuge, Electric Top Loading Balance, Burettes, Conical flasks, Slides, Clinical Centrifuge, Stethoscope, and Colorimeter. Colony counter, Haemoglobinometer,Muffle furnace, Water distillation Unit, Digital pH meter, Hot air oven.
  • Foods Lab:
    • Water purifier, Mixie, Ovens, Utensils, Lactometer, Kitchen Balance, Food Thermometer, Food mixer, Electric induction Stove, Non-stick pans, Cookers, Chapatti maker, Laddles, Serving dishes, Crockery Sets, Fridge, Stoves, Water filter,Cabinet Drier.
  • Furnitures:
    • Desks, Tables, Chairs, Built – in – cupboards, Fan, Tube-lights, Bureau, and Plug point.
  • Department Library Books:
    • Worth of Rs. 75000/-.
  • Journals:
    • Health, Journal of Nutrition & Dietetics,Indian Food Industry

Special Equipments

  • Laptop Computer with Printer & Sound System
  • Desktop Computer
  • Camera
  • Micro wave oven gifted by Mrs. B. Srilakshmi
Grants UGC – Autonomy and Development, Special Fee
Add on features

Special Features: 2014 – onwords

  1. Internship –From 15 days (present) to 30 days training in hospitals-ABC, KMC,IS Nursing Home, Trichy Diabetes Speciality Centre
  2. Research Oriented Projects – staff: Minor project & students : community based Project at UG level
  3. Organizing Association meetings – Being Year of Diamond Jubilee - Inviting prominent alumnae for association meeting
  4. Bakery skill training-One day Observational skill training
  5. Home scale drying- One day skill training
  6. ICT enabled classroom teaching by staff (selected topics)
  7. Power point seminar by students – Chosen papers - Only III years
  8. Exposure to Competitions and Paper presentation – Intercollegiate Level
  9. 3-5 days canteen running –Planning, Organizing and Executing - by III year students
  10. Society Out Reach Activities - Nutrition and Health Education to public- 6 or 7 Programmes
  11. Convening Alumnae Meet
  12. Convening Parent – Teacher Meet
  13. Browsing Facility
  14. Spot learning visits – to strengthen knowledge
    • Food Service/ Processing Organizations
    • Laboratoriess
    • Hospitals
    • 3 and 4 star Hotels
    • Bakeries
    • Research Institute
    • Community health care Institutions
Year Paper Published Paper Presented Books Published
International National International National
2012-17 13 36 16 46   2


Ms. L. Jayaprada Associate Prof. & Head
Ms. R. Sakthi Associate Prof.
Ms. N. Chellam Associate Prof.
Dr. M. V. Alli Associate Prof.
Ms. S. Ithyamalar Assistant Prof.