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Inception 1981
  • To graduate majors who have beenliberally educatedand are prepared for mathematically based career
  • To provide all students in our department with an education in mathematics which will serve as part of a foundation for lifelong learning of science,engineering and mathematics
  • To demonstrate an awareness of a broad variety of applications both in and out of mathematics and a reasonable proficiency with major topics from important subfields of mathematics
  • To impart practical skills in problem solving
  • Formulate and solve problems from a mathematical perspective
  • Understand the relationship of mathematics to other technical fields and develop competence at the application of mathematics in one or more of these areas
  • Use technology effectively in mathematics and the applications of mathematics
Course Offered



Resources & Infrastructure Department Library with 315 books


Ms. S. Geetha Lecturer
Ms. A. Sumathi Lecturer
Ms. V. Sulochana Lecturer
Ms. N. Revathi Lecturer
Ms. V. Shanthi Lecturer
Ms . R.Kokila Lecturer
Ms . S.Kamatchi Lecturer
Ms .R.Girija Lecturer
Ms . M.Arockia Shalini Lecturer
Ms. P. Balasowandari Lecturer
Ms. G.Thiripurasundari Lecturer