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Inception 1957
  • Enrichment of Women Empowerment.
  • To make academic programmes more job-oriented.
  • To impart practical skills in problem solving.
  • To motivate the students for higher education.
Course Offered




Ph.D.(Full Time & Part Time)

Resources & Infrastructure
  • Department Library with 6300 Books
  • FIST Lab
Grants FIST
  • FIST sponsored department.
  • Separate library is maintained and it is well equipped with nearly 7700 books and 55 Journals.
  • Conducted a UGC sponsored National Seminar on "Applications of Graph Theory" on 18th and 19th December 2012 and published a proceeding with ISBN number.
  • Conducted an International Seminar "Current Trends in Mathematics" on 21-01-2015. A special guest from USA, Professor T.E.S. Raghavan, Dept. of Mathematics , Statistics & Com. Sci., University of Illinois, Chicago, gave a special lecture on Minimax Theorem, Nash Equilibrium Theorem and some Applications.
  • A Special Guest from Taiwan, Dr.A.Arulmurugan, Senior Algorithm Engineer, Utechzone Co. Ltd gave a Special Lecture on "Scintillating Applications of Convex Optimizations :From Satellite Image Analysis to Early-Stage Cancer Detection" on 4.2.16.
  • Faculty achievements
  • Students achievements
  • Every year students of Mathematics are recipients of University ranks in both UG and PG level.
  • Every year a student from Mathematics Major is selected for the college student union.
  • Students excel in sports, cultural programmes and NCC.
  • Good number of students participated in RD camp at Delhi.
  • Well placed Alumni in Government organizations, Multi National companies, Banks, Schools and Colleges all over Tamil Nadu.
Year Paper Published Paper Presented Books Published
International National International National
2012-17 51 49 1 1 1


Dr. M. Tamilselvi Associate Prof. and Head
Ms. N. Meenakumari Associate Prof.
Dr. V. Anusuya Associate Prof.
Dr. G. Rani Associate Prof.
Dr. T. Indira Associate Prof.
Ms. G. Shyamala Associate Prof.
Ms. L. Malarvizhi Assistant Prof./Senr.
Ms. S. Saraswathi Assistant Prof./Senr.
Ms. S. Krithika Assistant Prof./Senr.
Dr. V. Vijaya Assistant Prof.
Dr. D. Rajalaxmi@subahashini Assistant Prof.
Ms. R. Pitchailakshmi Lecturer
Ms.R.Saranya Lecturer