Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

IQAC is a cell formulated for monitoring the quality parameters as post accreditation quality sustenance measure.

The functions of IQAC are:   

      To develop a system internally to consciously and consistently trigger the improvement in the performance of Institutions.

        To channelize the efforts as measures adopted in an institution to achieve academic excellence and administrative efficiency.

        To organize Faculty Development Programme (FDP) to ensure quality in teachers.

        To arrange for internal auditing to monitor quality.

        To maintain a record of attendance, assignments, question papers, syllabus coverage, laboratory records etc.,
to assure quality in learning process.

        To encourage the use of educational technology tools to ensure quality teaching.

        To oversee remedial measures adopted to help slow learners.

        To formulate mechanism with flexibility to meet the diverse need of the stake-holders.

        To organize workshops, seminars on quality related themes.

        To maintain documents of various programmes/activities that lead to quality improvement.

        To prepare Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR).



        Enhances quality consciousness and continuous improvement.

        Integrates various activities of the institution.

        Encourages and institutionalizes healthy practices.



Initially the Quality Cell of the Institution functioned as Idea Resources Involving Standards (IRIS), now is known in the name of IQAC. The present IQAC of SRC has micro and macro committees to ensure effective monitoring of Quality in both the micro and macro levels of the various activities of the institution.


Dr.M.JAYANTHI, Principal.

Management Members:

Sri.R. Panchapakesan, Secretary

Shrimati.R.Vasantha Panchapakesan, Coordinator

Sri.P. Ramani, Executive Director

Sri.P.Kannan, Academic Director


Dr.M.Vasuki, Department of Chemistry.

Dr.S. Usha , Department of Sanskrit.

Steering Committee Members:

N.Meena Kumari, Department of Mathematics.

A.Mullai,Department of Computer Science.

Dr.A.Subashini, Department of Chemistry.

M.Nageswari,Department of History.

Micro Quality Cell (inaugurated on 2010)

Aided Wing:

J.Suguna Bai ,Department of Bio Chemistry.

Dr.M. Hemaltha ,Department of Botany.

I.Rama,Department of Chemistry.

V.Anuratha ,Department of Commerce.

A.Mullai ,Department of Computer Science.

M.Dhaneswari Alamelu,Department of Economics.

V.Parvathi Meena,Department of English.

V.Seethalakshmi ,Department of History.

C.K.Hemalatha, Department of Home Science.

S.Saraswathi,Department of Mathematics.

S.V.Mythili,Department of Music.

R.Sakthi,Department of Nutrition and Dietetics.

K.Seethalakshmi,Department of Physics.

A.Dhanalakshmi, Department of Tamil.

R.Prabhavathi, Department of Zoology.

Self-Finance Wing:

M.Deepa,Department of Bio-Chemistry.

R.Sheela,Department of Business Administration.

R.Mangaiyarkarasi,Department of Commerce.

T.Sangeetha,Department of Computer Science.

V.Varalakshmi,Department of Mathematics.

S. Revathi,Department of Hospital Administration.


  • AQAR 2016-2017
  • AQAR 2015-2016
  • AQAR 2014-2015
  • AQAR 2013-2014
  • AQAR 2012-2013