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Inception 1961
  • To make the students understand the nature and scope of Home Science.
  • To create more awareness and opportunities of Home Science.
  • To apply the knowledge of Home Science to upgrade the standard and quality of life, family and the society as a whole.
  • To have the impact of Home Science to reach the extremities in all activities of life.
  • To develop their skills and talent.
Course Offered


With attractive papers & job oriented course-structure

1. Microbiology

2. Physiology

3. Interior Decoration

4. Human Relationship

5. Food Science & Human Nutrition

6. Dress Making and Tailoring

7. Home Furnishing

8. Apparel Designing

9. Human Development

10. Diet Therapy

Resources & Infrastructure
  • Spacious Library equipped with numerous latest Books and Journals
  • Spacious and well equipped laboratories, for the subjects Microbiology Physiology, Food Science and Dietetics, Home Management, Textiles and Clothing and Biochemistry.
  • Laboratories with Major & Minor equipments –up to date and –LABOUR Saving.

Special Equipments

  • Calorimeter
  • Oven
  • Solar Energy Stove
  • Induction Cooker
  • Haemometer
  • Diabetes mellitus detecting instruments.
  • Upto date labor saving equipments.
  • Models (Physiology of man)
  • UGC Autonomy Grant.
  • UGC Grant sanctioned - Career guidance course (Decorative Arts)
  • Professional Course Grant.
Add on features
  • Nestle Sponsored Books and Department LABORATORY Provisions. Minor Project
  • Aachi Masala (Aachi Group of Companies) Sponsored Aachi Cooking
  • Contest 2K9.
  • Idhayam Cookery Contest “ On the World Food Day” Ongoing Project.
  • In Nutrition & Dietetics - Internship in Hospitals.
  • In Textiles – Implant Training in Garment/ Textile Industry.
  • In Resource Management – Internship Training in Hotels.
Year Paper Published Paper Presented Books Published
International National International National
2010-14 3 11 8 17  


Ms. A. Shakila Associate Prof. and Head
Ms. C. Anitha Assistant Prof./Senr.
Ms. A. Lavanya Assistant Prof.