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Inception 1961
  • To encourage students for higher education in Home Science and improve their placement opportunities.
  • To provide maximum opportunities available to equip the students in becoming self-sufficient in skills and self-reliable.
  • Updating and preparing students for facing the challenges of life.
  • To have the impact of Home Science education in reaching the extremities in all the activities in their day to day life.
Course Offered


The course of study is organized on semester basis to meet the challenges of the higher education and industrial expectations. Various activities are framed to reach the goals of the department

1. Microbiology

2. Physiology

3. Food Science & Nutrition

4. Human Nutrition & Diet Therapy

5. Textiles & Clothing

6. Apparel Designing

7. Housing & Interior Decoration

8. Family Resource Management

9. Human Development

10. Human Relationship

Resources & Infrastructure
  • Spacious Library equipped with numerous latest Books and Journals
  • Spacious and well equipped laboratories, for the subjects Microbiology Physiology, Food Science and Dietetics, Home Management, Textiles and Clothing and Biochemistry.
  • Laboratories with Major & Minor equipments –up to date and –LABOUR Saving.

Special Equipments

  • Calorimeter
  • Oven
  • Solar Energy Stove
  • Induction Cooker
  • Haemometer
  • Diabetes mellitus detecting instruments.
  • Up–to–date labor saving equipments.
  • Models (Physiology of man)
  • UGC Autonomy Grant
  • UGC Grant sanctioned - Career Oriented Programme (Decorative Arts)
Professional Course Grant
  • 100% placement for our Students -ESSDi- MOU with this Unit.
  • Organized UGC sponsored National Seminar on " Art in Every Day Life" On 05-12-2013.
  • Field visits & Internships are arranged for Students in Leading Hospitals, Hotels, Pre schools, Special Schools, Old Age Homes, Textile & Garment Industries, ICDS units, NGOs to have practical knowledge in their relevant subject.
  • Free CADD training is provided for the students in Fashion Design.
  • Organized UGC sponsored National Seminar on "Innovative Textiles" On 28-01-2017.
  • Students are encouraged to present Papers in National & International Seminars.
Add on features
  • Nestle Sponsored Books and Department LABORATORY Provisions. Minor Project
  • Aachi Masala (Aachi Group of Companies) Sponsored Aachi Cooking Contest 2K9.
  • Idhayam Cookery Contest “ On the World Food Day” Ongoing Project.
  • In Nutrition & Dietetics - Internship in Hospitals.
  • In Textiles – Implant Training in Garment/ Textile Industry.
  • In Resource Management – Internship Training in Hotels.
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Year Paper Published Paper Presented Books Published
International National International National
2012-17 3 11 8 17   -


Ms. A. Shakila Associate Prof. and Head
Ms. C. Anitha Assistant Prof./Senr.
Ms. A. Lavanya Assistant Prof.
Ms.R.Sushmitha Lecturer.