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Inception 1975
  • To promote and inculcate Indian cultural ethos and value system.
  • To motivate the students appreciate Indian heritage and history.
  • To make History an interesting subject of study and research.
  • To inculcate the spirit of research in history.
  • To make students realize the significance and relevance of History as an academic subject.
  • To create social awareness through field study with focusing on Gender justice and appreciation and preservation of historical monuments.
  • Teaching history beyond a narrative approach with a holistic approach.
Course Offered



M.Phil. (Full Time)

Ph.D (Full Time)

Resources & Infrastructure
  • Department Library equipped with 6000 Books including Reference Section.
  • Museum

Special Equipments

  • Digital camera
  • Video camera
  • O.H.P
  • Slide Projector
  • Computer & Printer.

P.G.Development Grant - UGC

Major Projects-2

Evolution of temple architecture in Tamilnadu.

Reconstructing History of Thiruchirappalli from 500 A.D. to 1300 A.D. through Epigraphy.

Minor Projects-2

Nodal Department for Foundation course on Human Rights Education.( U.G.C.grant ).

Add on features
  • Job Oriented and skill orientedCourses like Tourism and Epigraphy offered..
  • Syllabi for U.G and P.G are framed to cater to the needs of students appearing for competitive and other job oriented examinations.
  • History is made a field oriented study with the Introduction of papers like Tourism, Temple Architecture of Tamil Nadu, Epigraphy, Women Studies and Sociology, Human Rights.
Year Paper Published Paper Presented Books Published
International National International National
2010-14   28   49 11


Dr. M. Nalini Associate Prof. and Head
Ms. V. Seethalakshmi Associate Prof.
Ms. M. Nageswari Assistant Prof./Senr.
Ms. S. Vijayarani (Department of Sociology) Associate Prof.
Dr. T. Sumitha Assistant Prof.
Dr. K. Manimekalai Assistant Prof.