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Inception 1967
  • To make students become fluent and confident users of English.
  • To enable the students speak English fluently and communicate effectively.
  • To enable the students to comprehend the nuances of English language.
  • To help students understand the various genres of literature from a multi-cultural perspective.
  • To sensitize students to appreciate and enjoy literature and create in them the ability to empathize with their follow men.
  • To hone the employability skills of the students of English Language and Literature.
Course Offered





Resources & Infrastructure
  • Department Library with 8000 books

Special Equipments

Language Lab

P.G.Development Grants

Minor Projects -2

Shaping the Self through Biographies at the Pre-adolescent and Adolescent stage –An Initiative into Ethics and Human Values -Sanctioned

Making William Shakespeare accessible and relevant to the modern generation .

Major Projects-2

Developing Communicative Skills among Non-English Medium Students and Economically Weaker Students.

A bilingual computer mediated Teacher Training Program to educate children with cognitive and linguistic learning difficulties in selected schools in the rural areas in the Tiruchirappalli Educational District.

Year Paper Published Paper Presented Books Published
International National International National
2010-14 13 24 13 27  


Dr. k. Renukadevi Associate Prof. & Head
Ms. R. Thenmozhi Associate Prof.
Ms. R. Shanthini Associate Prof.
Ms. R. Vidhya Associate Prof.
Ms. K. Anitha Assistant Prof./Senr.
Ms. V. Parvathi Meena Assistant Prof./Senr.
Ms. R. Aparna Assistant Prof./Senr.
Ms. R. Vanmathi Assistant Prof./Senr.
Dr. M. Venkateshwari Assistant Prof.
Ms. K. Anuradha Assistant Prof.
Ms. R. Ragini Assistant Prof.
Ms. T. Manjula Assistant Prof.
Ms. A. K. Remi Banu Assistant Prof.
Ms. T. Sindhu Lecturer
Ms. K. Akila Lecturer