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Inception 1981
  • To Knowledge dissemination in the fields of commerce
  • To enhance the employability skills of students by offering computer related papers like Accounting and Data Base Management System
  • To keep track of the changing trends in the fields of Taxation, Banking and Finance
Course Offered


B.Com (Vocational) – Specialization in Advertising Sales promotion & Salesmanship

Resources & Infrastructure
  • Department Library
Add on features
  • 2010-11: Paper presented:10(National)
  • 2011-12:
    • Paper published:14(National)
    • Paper presented:2(Inter National) 15(National)


Ms. V. Suganthi Lecturer
Ms. N. Padma priya Lecturer
Ms. G. Yashodha Lecturer
Ms. R. Sheela Lecturer
Ms. G. Revathy Lecturer
Ms. C. Meena Lecturer
Ms. S. Gayathri Devi Lecturer
Ms. G. Saraswathi Lecturer