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Title: Data Mining Techniques for finding similar patterns in Drug composition on outsourced Drug Database

Principal investigator: Dr. (Mrs) K.S. Rathnamala 2012-2014,-Rs. 80,000

Inception 1985
  • Nourishing a learning environment for Teaching and Industry oriented jobs
  • Focussing towards the development of Computerization skills required in all fields
  • To meet and face the challenges in the present Scenario.
  • To take up jobs in different levels of Software related organizations and also motivate to persue Higher education.
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Minor Research Project - Sponsored by :UGC

Title: A study on implementing package for mensuration – A branch of Mathematics

Principal investigator: Ms. S. Lakshmi Prabha; Co- investigator: Ms. A. Mullai 2007-2009,Rs. 32,500.

Dr.(Mrs) R. Jamuna-Minor Project, 2010-2012, "Artificial Intelligence Based Analysis of Learning Disabilities" - Rs. 1,00,000

Add on features
  • Career Oriented Professional course Diploma in Information Technology is provided along with UG Degree Course.
  • 100% result for the past 20 years Students got placement in Leading Companies like WIPRO,TCS,INFOSYS,AXIS Bank, Cognizant etc.,
  • Faculty development programmes organised for faculty and staff of SRC, staff of Kamakoti Vidyalaya & Savitri Vidyasala
  • University Rank holders in the years 2006(U.G),2008(U.G & P.G),2010(U.G),2011(UG & PG) 2012(UG & PG), 2013(UG & PG), 2014(UG & PG), 2015(UG Gold Medal)& PG), 2016(UG & PG).
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2010-17 17 13 7 13  


Dr. K. S. Rathnamala Associate Prof. and Head
Dr. R. Jamuna Associate Prof.
Ms .S. Lakshmi Prabha Associate Prof.
Ms. A .Mullai Associate Prof.
Ms. K. Mahalakshmi Lecturer
Ms. R. Nivetha Lecturer
Ms.V. Gayathri Lecturer